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Latest News


Drillionaire 1.0

It’s Drillionaire One!!! This update comes with long list of new things, balancing, and bug fixes.


  • Massive price reduction for endgame parts, upgrades.
  • Improve coal grabber, magnet (prevent item from slipping upward)
  • Increase heat damage scale by temperature
  • Drill power now scale by recharging power when out of fuel.


  • Rock in some location now drop item
  • Mole is now a bit more deadly
  • Magma rock now heats up the drill instead of dealing damage
  • Explosive rock deals more damage


  • New consumable items
  • Plastic trash spawn more common.


  • Alloy mixing now gives output the same amount as the input (eg. 2 metal gives 2 alloy)
  • Alloy automation
  • Mixing same ore will return the ore instead of slag.
  • You now cant put ore in the filled alloy slot.
  • Forge now hide undiscovered recipe
  • Hold shift while targeting forge to invert all other recipe.


  • New category for food
  • Recipe and product amount adjustment


  • Adjust contract amount.


  • Adjust price, rearrange some research order.
  • Option to show every research


  • Auction now cut buyer’s premium and tax instead of fixed price.
  • 2 new auction cards to reduce buyer’s premium.


  • Improved UI


  • Add 4 new plants (for hamburger making)
  • Harvesting tulip now gives tulips.


  • Revamped recycle system with multiple bins, filter

Burger stand

  • Yeah right! Now you can open a hamburger stand right in Drillionaire.
  • New tool: knife
  • New drill part: burger trinket, allowing burger ingredient to spawn underground

Ice city

  • Located at the sand land, make shaved ice, ice cream and serve to customers


  • Add achievement reward bubble
  • Achievement for buying a greenhouse, burger stand
  • Add achievement for drill speed, item boost


  • Financial history


  • Reincarnating with drillioncoin now increase starting money.
  • Increase drillioncoin gain from money.
  • Drillioncoin spawn until you collect it instead of once per round.

Bug & Misc.

  • Add option to disable dialog music (may improve performance in browser)
  • Research, museum and reincarnate bonus now display on the related dialog.
  • Switch dialog page using number key.
  • Notification when new building unlocked.
  • Airplane ticket is now unsellable.
  • Fix market selling price not include bonuses.
  • Fix forge not saving material.
  • Fix employee bonus not apply.
  • Fix the ability to fire employee when these are 0 employees.
  • Fix reincarnate bonus affect all save files.
  • Fix upload, download save in html version.
  • Fix drillioncoin not saving.

What’s next for Drillionaire

There’re 2 things I want to say about the future of Drillionaire, the first, as some of you may know, I’m doing internship for 2 months (until August). So I will have less time to make game in general.

The second thing is that I’m thinking about making a new game. Working on Drillionaire is a very fun experience, and that’s why I keep adding stuff to it (like burger stand, for example). But I realized that if I want to work on a new game mechanic, it’s better to put it into a new game completely.

So I “probably” will stop adding new feature to Drillionaire for now. I will still fix bugs and balancing if needed. But I will mainly focus on my internship, and whatever new project I will work next.

So thank you everyone for playing Drillionaire, all bug report is always appreciated. And see you my the next project (or more likely a patch since there’re like hundreds new bugs in the latest update).

Drillionaire 1.1


  • Contract reward now scaled with reincarnate bonus.


  • Ability to serve burger with wrong attribute at less cost, reputation.
  • Burger cost now scaled with reincarnate bonus.

Shaved ice

  • Ice cost now scaled with reincarnate bonus.

Bug & Misc.

  • Add setting to disable shader for better web performance
  • Alloy recipe now saved across reincarnation
  • Add small dialog when get/earn money.
  • Rare ore spawn shallower
  • Fix burger stand crash
  • Fix plant water status not saved
  • Fix crash related to ore trail


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Archaeologist 25 Points

Complete 7 museum sets

Collector 10 Points

Complete 4 museum sets

Rare catch 5 Points

Complete 1 museum sets

Auction master 10 Points

Make $50000 from auction

Appraiser 5 Points

Make $1000 from auction

Mining firm 10 Points

Complete 50 contracts

Contractor 5 Points

Complete 20 contracts

Freelancer 5 Points

Complete 10 contracts

Nobel prize 25 Points

Complete 78 researches

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