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MakhamDev's News

Posted by MakhamDev - June 9th, 2022

Drillionaire 1.0

It’s Drillionaire One!!! This update comes with long list of new things, balancing, and bug fixes.


  • Massive price reduction for endgame parts, upgrades.
  • Improve coal grabber, magnet (prevent item from slipping upward)
  • Increase heat damage scale by temperature
  • Drill power now scale by recharging power when out of fuel.


  • Rock in some location now drop item
  • Mole is now a bit more deadly
  • Magma rock now heats up the drill instead of dealing damage
  • Explosive rock deals more damage


  • New consumable items
  • Plastic trash spawn more common.


  • Alloy mixing now gives output the same amount as the input (eg. 2 metal gives 2 alloy)
  • Alloy automation
  • Mixing same ore will return the ore instead of slag.
  • You now cant put ore in the filled alloy slot.
  • Forge now hide undiscovered recipe
  • Hold shift while targeting forge to invert all other recipe.


  • New category for food
  • Recipe and product amount adjustment


  • Adjust contract amount.


  • Adjust price, rearrange some research order.
  • Option to show every research


  • Auction now cut buyer’s premium and tax instead of fixed price.
  • 2 new auction cards to reduce buyer’s premium.


  • Improved UI


  • Add 4 new plants (for hamburger making)
  • Harvesting tulip now gives tulips.


  • Revamped recycle system with multiple bins, filter

Burger stand

  • Yeah right! Now you can open a hamburger stand right in Drillionaire.
  • New tool: knife
  • New drill part: burger trinket, allowing burger ingredient to spawn underground

Ice city

  • Located at the sand land, make shaved ice, ice cream and serve to customers


  • Add achievement reward bubble
  • Achievement for buying a greenhouse, burger stand
  • Add achievement for drill speed, item boost


  • Financial history


  • Reincarnating with drillioncoin now increase starting money.
  • Increase drillioncoin gain from money.
  • Drillioncoin spawn until you collect it instead of once per round.

Bug & Misc.

  • Add option to disable dialog music (may improve performance in browser)
  • Research, museum and reincarnate bonus now display on the related dialog.
  • Switch dialog page using number key.
  • Notification when new building unlocked.
  • Airplane ticket is now unsellable.
  • Fix market selling price not include bonuses.
  • Fix forge not saving material.
  • Fix employee bonus not apply.
  • Fix the ability to fire employee when these are 0 employees.
  • Fix reincarnate bonus affect all save files.
  • Fix upload, download save in html version.
  • Fix drillioncoin not saving.

What’s next for Drillionaire

There’re 2 things I want to say about the future of Drillionaire, the first, as some of you may know, I’m doing internship for 2 months (until August). So I will have less time to make game in general.

The second thing is that I’m thinking about making a new game. Working on Drillionaire is a very fun experience, and that’s why I keep adding stuff to it (like burger stand, for example). But I realized that if I want to work on a new game mechanic, it’s better to put it into a new game completely.

So I “probably” will stop adding new feature to Drillionaire for now. I will still fix bugs and balancing if needed. But I will mainly focus on my internship, and whatever new project I will work next.

So thank you everyone for playing Drillionaire, all bug report is always appreciated. And see you my the next project (or more likely a patch since there’re like hundreds new bugs in the latest update).

Drillionaire 1.1


  • Contract reward now scaled with reincarnate bonus.


  • Ability to serve burger with wrong attribute at less cost, reputation.
  • Burger cost now scaled with reincarnate bonus.

Shaved ice

  • Ice cost now scaled with reincarnate bonus.

Bug & Misc.

  • Add setting to disable shader for better web performance
  • Alloy recipe now saved across reincarnation
  • Add small dialog when get/earn money.
  • Rare ore spawn shallower
  • Fix burger stand crash
  • Fix plant water status not saved
  • Fix crash related to ore trail



Posted by MakhamDev - May 29th, 2022

**Due to the adding of Casino, Drillionaire is now Teen rated (I guess, I don't know how it works tbh)**

0.9 Changelog

Day night

  • Each drilling now contribute to half-day.
  • Reduce unlock time for each building.


  • Multiple save files & loading dialog

Alloy mixing

  • New alloy creation mechanics
  • New metal, alloy related items


  • Add weight and drag attribute that affect fuel consumption and speed
  • Drill parts need to be connected in order to function.
  • Item collect highlight
  • Increase tank fuel capacity, decrease drill fuel usage
  • Drill BOOST! apply specific item to each drill part to boost its stat for a period of time.
  • Attribute description

Travelling agent

  • Unlock using Drillioncoin
  • Travel to different drilling site to find new ores.


  • New research allowing click to plant.
  • You can now hold to use tool on multiple pots.
  • Increase herb output
  • Pot can now be buy in greenhouse


  • 4 new tools
  • 3 new minigames


  • Future research is now visible
  • Increase drill research benefits
  • Remove greenhouse add pot research

Produce price

  • Add price modulation for produce items.


  • Contract amount adjusted


  • Achievement now have reward


  • Unlock at Sand Land, casino allow you to gamble your money away!

Bug & Misc.

  • Fix hyperburner speed bug
  • Fix selling item with multiple uses.
  • Add hotkey for town buildings
  • Add sound level adjustment
  • Fix plant bonus crash

Future update will be smaller, slower because I start doing an internship. Also thank you for huge spike in plays, comments, since the last week.


Posted by MakhamDev - May 20th, 2022

0.8.1 Patch


  • Plant with mushroom won't crash the game anymore.
  • Plant decomposed automatically 10 day after it wilt.


  • Fix contract loading error.

0.8.2 Patch


  • Town now remember where you are before digging


  • Moving part be drag and drop directly in the drill builder.
  • More information about magic spells.


  • Ore seed recipe can now be unlocked by collecting required amount of ore/bar.
  • Default pot amount increase by 1

Bug & Crashes

  • Fix crash when attacking mole
  • Fix contract not recognize new item.


  • Brass ore/bar changed name to bronze ore/bar
  • Update contract guide
  • Fix consumable item can be use infinitely.



Posted by MakhamDev - May 15th, 2022

I'll make a post here since there's no per game post system in Newgrounds.

Drillionaire v0.8 add a bunch of new features, balances, and also my thought on this game as a whole.


  • Find seed, plant it, and get new bonus, effect on your journey.
  • 4 Type of seeds: Ore, Floral, Mushroom, and Herb. Each has different discovering methods.
  • 19 new plants in total.
  • 3 new tools: Watering can, Scissors, Trovel.

The Temple

  • Break Drllion block to collect drillioncoin and unlock the temple.
  • Enter the temple to reincarnate to reset your progress and spend drillioncoin for permanent unlock/ upgrade.
  • 31 perma upgrades available.


  • 5 new drill sets unlock by research and temple.
  • Speed control now use mouse wheel while hovering on the drill.
  • Some attributes balancing.


  • Underground can spawn mana crystal (perma upgrade required)
  • Collect mana to use spell.
  • Some drill parts now comes with unique spell, click on the part to activate it.

Underground bonus

  • Two new collectable bonus you can collect: Ore rush and Ore trail.
  • Perma unlock required.

Mole attack

  • Underground spawn different types of mole to attack your drill.
  • Use item or spell to ‘chase it away’

Revamped item system

  • Some item now have capacity value.
  • Change some crafting recipe.
  • New item indexing system, may cause conflict with old save.

Quality of life

  • New scribble text rendering system allow for FANCIER text.
  • Market dialog have more data.
  • New sound for some UI element.
  • You can now use item in your inventory for contract.
  • Load file fail detection and roll back.
  • Manual save button in setting.

The future of Drillionaire

The response I got from this game is AMAZING. The game is still being play every day and I found myself enjoy adding new feature for it too.

So I think I might treat this game as a long term project where I come in and add new random minigame here and there. I will still make new game of course, this just mean this game will get new update for a bit longer.”



Posted by MakhamDev - May 4th, 2022

Well hi everyone, MakhamDev here. After I launch another game (Saimai Rd.) now I’m going back and try to add new feature to my past game, Drillionaire, But well… the problem is that I'm creatively bankrupt at the moment.

So I’m here to literally ask the player on what do you want to see in the next update of Drillionaire. I’ve already added:

  • One more drill set (that not so unique, but still)
  • Cheat menu

And… that’s it. So if you have an idea of a new item, gameplay or anything I’d like to hear it from you. I’m not planning to keep updating this game forever, but still this game got a lot of daily plays (I don't have statistic on Newgrounds, but on itch.io it's one of the best performer)

So leave an idea(s) down below and I may add it to the next update. Thank you very much!


Posted by MakhamDev - April 18th, 2022

Some of you may already seen a demo of my second Steam game, Saimai Rd. on Newgrounds. Today I'm happy to say that I have published Saimai Rd on Steam! (with 20% launch discount).

Play the full version of Saimai Rd with more levels, eras, vehicles, mechanics, achievements, cloud save, and future updates!

Steam link here : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1928590/Saimai_Rd


Posted by MakhamDev - November 26th, 2021

Hi everyone, I'm MakhamDev, a game developer from Thailand. I've been making games using GameMaker: Studio, Unity for about 5 years now. I used to upload most of my games on itch.io, but I want my game to be played by more people from different places, so I expand my profile to Newgrounds (you might say, I'm entering.... a new gr- I'm so sorry).

All of the new game I made from now will be upload to both itch and Newgrounds (and maybe other places too), but I'm still not sure how many of old games will post in here.

Also I may not be active every day, (or week, or month?) I'm a computer engineer undergrad, and while game dev is a hobby that I LOVE to do everyday, uni life can be a bit... rough. So, I may not able to reply to your comment. You can DM me on twitter if you really want to reach me.

Anyway thank for visiting my profile! Hope you enjoy the games I make.